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Premium Sponsors


Agilion is a globally established technology leader for high performance enterprise wireless localization solutions for industry (industrial supply chain tracking) and public transportation, vehicle and people tracking. For more than 10 years, Agilion has been supporting companies worldwide in process optimization and efficiency control based on RTLS real-time location systems. Leading automotive manufacturers as well as global logistics companies and semiconductors trust in Agilion innovative solutions. They are regarded as a pioneer enabling Industry 4.0 solutions.


Infineon Dresden, with more than 2,000 employees, operates in most modern and one of the largest manufacturing and technology development centers. In addition, nearly 200 external service providers and partners work for Infineon at its location every day. Infineon Technologies Dresden GmbH was founded in 1994 under the name Siemens Microelectronics Center Dresden. With the IPO in 1999 it was renamed to Infineon Technologies Dresden GmbH. Since 1994, more than three billion euros have been invested. In 2014, Infineon celebrated its 20-year location anniversary with its employees and many companions.



Fraunhofer IVI


The Fraunhofer Institute for Transportation and Infrastructure Systems IVI employs more than 100 researchers in four departments. It is operating in a wide array of transport-related research and development topics, ranging from the fields of electromobility, traffic planning and traffic ecology, traffic information, vehicle propulsion and sensor technologies, but while also incorporating traffic telematics, the information and communication sectors, as well as disposition and logistics. Fraunhofer IVI’s facilities and large equipment include high-performance laboratories, innovative test platforms and vehicles as well as modern hardware and software. In 2013, the institute’s research infrastructure was expanded by a new technical center including a vehicle hall and an adjacent test track.



The DLR Institute of Software Methods for Product Virtualization in Dresden was founded in August 2017. In three departments it currently employs 15 researchers and will grow up to 70 employees within three years. Our main objective is research, development, and deployment of innovative and sustainable software solutions for all areas and facets of aircraft virtualization. This includes research on parallel algorithms and their highly scalable implementation on current and future HPC systems, the development of scalable multi-fidelity and multi-disciplinary software platforms for aircraft analysis and optimization, as well as research on dedicated software technologies enabling product virtualization.