Convincing! Communication Training for Scientists


Communication & Interpersonal Skills


04/05 July 2018


Dr. Stephanie Rohac


In this seminar, we will learn how to effectively and confidently communicate ideas and projects. We are taking the following approach: A. Convincing is about the right method: You learn and train a concrete, universally applicable argumentation technique that you can quickly apply for your ideas and projects. B. Convincing is about understanding: You learn to recognize and use the interests and needs of your target group and learn how to "translate" your ideas and topics comprehensibly. C. Convincing is about „how“: You actively train how to put your messages to the point and use your body language and voice more effectively. D. Convincing is about enthusiasm: You train to present your ideas and projects more convincingly and confidently and receive valuable feedback to develop your communicative performance.

Target Group:

PhDs and Postdocs