Follow-Up Female Power


Follow-Up Female Power


Communication & Interpersonal Skills




Female PhDs and Postdocs get the chance to reflect their self-expectations, social role models and typical prejudices against women. They get aware of communicative differences between women and men and know ways to handle these differences successfully. The workshop helps them to get aware of their own communication patterns and train their communication effectiveness for daily situations, e.g. presentations, meetings and conferences.

Target Group

Female PhD Students, Postdocs and RGLs who have already participated in Female Power part I


Dr. Stephanie Rohac is Consultant, Trainer, Moderator and Coach with focus on communication and change competencies in organisational contexts, i.e. universities, public organisations and companies. She studied International Management (B.A.) and Communication Psychology and Management (M.A.). Her PhD in Intercultural Communication/ Psychology deals with the development of individual change competencies in cross-cultural contexts. Dr. Stephanie Rohac has passed various international marketing positions at a global IT company, most recently as Head of International Marketing leading a cross-cultural team. 

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