Training Modules

PhD students, Postdocs and RGLs at cfaed can choose from a variety of courses within 4 main categories, all offered in english language, for

  • developing scientific and job-oriented skills
  • obtaining various soft skills and generic competencies
  • networking in an interdisciplinary environment

Upon termination at cfaed, you will receive a supplement in form of a certificate listing all workshops and courses you attended during your time at cfaed. It also mentions your special involvements within the cluster, such as student representative or INSPIRE grantee.


Career Development & Entrepreneurialism

Science & Research

Exploring the Company World, How to apply for a professorship, Career Symposium, Grand Prof Week, Intellectual Property

Teaching, Academic Writing, Proposal Writing, Third Party Funding, Good Scientific Pratice

Management & Leadership

Communication & Interpersonal Skills

Leadership Skills I & II, Conflict Management, Projectmanagement

Poster Making, Presentation Training, Female Power, Networking


Upcoming Workshops and Trainings

Below, you can find an overview of our upcoming courses and workshops. If you wish to attend, please kindly register by sending an email to




Management & Leadership

Leadership Skills for Researchers
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2./3. Mar 2017

Science & Research

Proposal Writing for Young Researchers
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13./14. Mar 2017

Communication & Interpersonal Skills

Networking for Scientists
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27./28. Apr 2017


Our Trainers


Prof. Dr. Rolf Koerber is an educator, trainer and consultant. His background is higher education, experiential learning, leadership and organisational development including quality management. He is the director of the IBE – Institut for Abilities and Development in Dresden and currently works as an coordinator for Cooperative Training in Technical Vocational Teaching at the Technical University of Dresden.


Dr. Stephanie Rohac is Consultant, Trainer, Moderator and Coach with focus on communication and change competencies in organisational contexts, i.e. universities, public organisations and companies. She studied International Management (B.A.) and Communication Psychology and Management (M.A.). Her PhD in Intercultural Communication/ Psychology deals with the development of individual change competencies in cross-cultural contexts. Dr. Stephanie Rohac has passed various international marketing positions at a global IT company, most recently as Head of International Marketing leading a cross-cultural team. 


Dr. Wilma Simoleit is Consultant for National and European Research Funding & Career Development in Science. She has long time experience as program manager in national and international research funding. As external consultant Dr. Simoleit counsels experienced and young investigators, universities and research institutions. She evaluates and develops funding programs and strategy concepts for funding organizations. She initiated and hosted 3 conferences on different aspects of the extramural funding system. Dr. Simoleit lectures at universities and research institutions.