Grand Professor Program

Our Grand Professor Program invited international experts to join cfaed to act as personal mentors, engage in teaching postgraduate courses, and act as collaboration partners in research projects. All members of cfaed will be able to benefit from the interaction with our Grand Professors and young scientists, in particular, can win long-term mentors to support their careers. In addition, the Grand Professors will foster their integration into the scientific community. cfaed as a whole will profit from its Grand Professors through their ambassador function which will transport our work into the global scientific community.

Statement GP Program
The Grand Professor program is unique to cfaed, and I have recommended it as a model to colleagues and friends at other
institutions, including my own. The idea of having successful senior colleagues from around the world to assist in mentoring junior faculty, staff, and students is a great one, and I think it is working well. Certainly those I am involved with seem pleased with the advice I am able to give, and I can see that they have taken advantage of my comments and suggestions each time I visit. On every visit I find that I learn from the cfaed community at least as much as they learn from me, and I always go home with inventive new ideas buzzing in my head.
James Cordy, cfaed Grand Professor, Queen's University at Kingston, Canada