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Why Join Our Next Scientific Generation Team?

cfaed is a Cluster of Excellence within the German Excellence Initiative. It brings together more than 200 researchers from TU Dresden and 11 other research institutions in the areas of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Materials Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics.

cfaed addresses the advancement of electronic information processing systems through exploring new technologies which overcome the limits of today’s predominant CMOS technology. Since November 2012, cfaed scientists have been working on and shaping their visions to support the cluster´s innovative and interdisciplinary approach.

Job Openings For Open-Minded People

You will join a team of enthusiastic scientists who creatively pursue their individual research agenda inspired by the cluster’s innovative approach and support.

As an inspiring cluster of excellence we can offer you:

  • access to state of the art research of leading academic institutes
  • international postgraduate program
  • individual supervision by a Thesis Advisory Committee
  • possibility to earn (seed) grants of up to € 10,000
  • promotion of gender equality and family-friendly work environment

We aim at attracting the best talents in the respective research fields and we are seeking experienced and highly motivated candidates for the following positions:

As of 23 Nov. 2018



closing date

Research Associate/ PhD Student: Chair of Network Dynamics Collective Nonlinear Dynamics of Complex Power Grid Networks 14 Dec. 2018
Research Associate/ PhD Student: Chair of Network Dynamics Collective Nonlinear Dynamics of Networks 17 Dec. 2018
Research Associate / PhD Position in Theoretical Biological Physics Muscle building in silico: Mathematical modeling of myofibrillogene-sis 07 Jan. 2019
Fremdsprachensekretär/in   15 Jan. 2019
Research Associate / Team leader / Advanced Scientist
Nonlinear Dynamics, Complex Networked Systems, with a focus on Mobility and Transport 31 Jan. 2019
studentischen oder wissenschaftlichen Hilfskraft Öffentlichkeitsarbeit / PR - Public Relations 15 Feb. 2019

Open Positions at Cooperating Institutions

position institution topic
Research Associate/ PhD student IFW 3D Mapping of Spin Textures in Skyrmions.

If you are interested in one of these vacancies at cfaed, please send us your full application (in English only), preferably as one single pdf-document, noting the reference number in the subject line

Your application should include: motivation letter, CV, copy of degree certificate, transcript of grades (i.e. the official list of coursework including your grades) and proof of English language skills.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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