cfaed CAREER SYMPOSIUM 10 April 2018

Welcome to our second cfaed Career Symposium on 10 April 2018! This event aims at highlighting the diversity of career choices available to your generation of researchers, taking into account your competencies and expectations. Moreover, you will be able to connect with members of global players such as IBM, Bosch, Globalfoundries and Infineon, have your application files checked and even have a chance at interviewing for jobs.

Whether you are a new graduate student, postdoc, or just beginning to consider career options or ready to look for a job, the cfaed Career Symposium will provide you with lots of information and hands-on insights into the business world. In a non-university location, our scientists will have the opportunity to get in touch with local company representatives and cfaed alumnis and, in this way, foster their networking skills.

This year, our symposium starts off with a presentation focusing on the identification of your profile and a career path tailored to your vision and competencies in order to prepare for a smooth start into a professional career. Our aim is to create an awareness of different career prospects in and outside academia.

Registration is now open! Click here for our program.

About us

Career Development plays a very important role at cfaed. Cfaed has developed an exemplary, structured program with the purpose of supporting and guiding young scientists throughout their scientific career. As is common practice in industry, we want to establish our program as a standard tool for preparing our scientists for ambitious careers in and outside academia.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!