3m5 PhD-Thesis award for Asif A. Khan!

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Asif A. Khan was awarded the “3m5 Excellence Award – herausragende Dissertation” for his thesis “Design and Code Optimization for Systems with Next-generation Racetrack Memories”. Racetrack memories (RTMs) are an emerging type of memory with the potential to revolutionize computing systems by virtually removing the memory wall. Asif’s thesis contains a collection of outstanding innovative ideas, methods and tools to optimize systems with racetrack memories. His work on emerging memories, computer architectures and compilers has led to above 25 publications and several 3rd party-funded projects. Asif joined the CC Chair in 2017 and continues to work with us in his new role as Postdoc. The award was handed during this year's OUTPUT.DD science event. We are happy for Asif, congratulations! Photo credits: (c) 3m5.

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