A Long Night of Compiler Construction

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This year, the chair for Compiler Construction participated at the long night of sciences, 'Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften'. Two of our members, Hasna Bouraoui and Andres Goens presented collaborative efforts from our Transitive Efficient Template Runtime System (TETRiS) project.

With a demo game inspired by the computer game, Tetris (not to be confused with TETRiS), we could explain concepts of mapping multiple applications dynamically to a system-on-chip platform. We had several visits, mostly kids, who wanted to discover how a compiler can play the Tetris game, "Auch ein compiler spielt Tetris". This offered the kids the opportunity  to get to know in a simple way  parts of the world behind multicore compilers, in a funny and short Tetris game.

Our members also presented a demo of energy consumption on an Odroid board, showing how we can save energy while using the TETRiS system on a hetergenous platform.


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