CC Chair at DATE'20

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With three presentations and two best paper nominations, the chair for compiler construction was well represented at this year's virtual DATE conference. Asif Ali Khan presented his work on Generalized Data Placement Strategies for Racetrack Memories . In this paper, Asif presents an efficient data placement heuristic for racetrack memories (RTM) which leads to a significant reduction in RTM shifts and ultimately improves performance and energy consumption.  Christian Menard presented the paper Achieving Determinism in Adaptive AUTOSAR which was nominated for best paper award in the A-Track. In this paper, Christian describes how a novel synchronous reactive programming model can be used to make the execution of future automotive software deterministic and thus overall more reliable. Robert Khasanov presented his work on Energy-efficient Runtime Resource Management for Adaptable Multi-application Mapping which was best paper award candidate in the E-Track. In this paper, Robert presents a new job scheduling algorithm for firm real-time multi-threaded applications, which generates mapping segments due to enlarged scope of analysis, and increase the overall energy-efficiency of the schedules. 

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