Guests from the UdeA: Prof. Isaza and Prof. Velasquez

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From the 29.05.2017 to the 09.06.2017, Prof. Isaza and Prof. Velasquez visited the CC Chair. They are both assistant professors at the Department of Electronics Engineering of the University of Antioquia (UdeA), Colombia, and are members of the SISTEMIC lab. Prof. Isaza’s and Prof. Velasquez’s visit took place in the context of the TU Dresden’s internationalization strategy “TU Dresden - Mit der Welt Verbunden”, funded by guests@TUD. During their visit, Prof. Isaza and Prof. Velasquez discussed research cooperation possibilities with members of the CC Chair, members of the cfaed Excellence Cluster and researchers of the Computer Science Department of the TU Dresden. They also contributed a talk to the “cfaed Seminar Series”, entitled “Tackling the computational challenges of DNA data compression and computer architecture simulation”. We thank the TU Dresden and the UdeA for their support, and specially, Prof. Isaza and Prof. Velasquez for their time. We are looking forward to continuing collaborations with the SISTEMIC lab. 


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