Hauke Mewes awarded the N. J. Lehmann Price

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Hauke Mewes, a former Masters's thesis student at the chair for Compiler Construction, was awarded the N. J. Lehmann Price award 2021 for his work "Towards Optimizing Compilers for Systems with Racetrack Memories". The N.J.Lehmann award, named after the renowned TU Dresden alumni Nikolaus Joachim Lehmann (1921-1998), is awarded every two years to two outstanding theses at TU Dresden in the fields of Computer Science and Mathematics. The award particularly encourages research at the intersection of mathematics and real-world systems. Asif Ali Khan supervised Hauke's work at the chair, which turned into an excellent publication "Polyhedral Compilation for Racetrack Memories" at the peer-reviewed IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems (TCAD). Hauke developed a prototype compiler to optimize and generate efficient codes for systems with racetrack memories. The award was handed over at this year's OUTPUT.DD science event, where Hauke also briefly talked about his work (see video). We are proud of Hauke's achievement and wish him all the best in his current and future endeavors.

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