New research assistant: Karl Friebel

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We are glad to welcome Karl Friebel to our team at the Chair for Compiler Construction. Karl recently finished his Diplom in Computer Science at TU Dresden with Prof. Diana Göhriger on source-to-source compilation for FPGA-based systems. Karl will be working in the project “EVEREST: Design environment for extreme-scale big data analytics on heterogeneous platforms”, funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement no 957269. Karl will be working on domain-specific languages and optimizing compilers for heterogeneous systems. Prior to joining our team, Karl spent most of his studies working on enabling new hardware designs for legacy applications via compiler tooling. While his main focus was on the hardware design and tooling, Karl gained considerable experience in end-user applications, mainly in the area of scientific computing and fluid dynamics in particular. We look forward to working with Karl and tackle the challenges of programming large heterogeneous systems!

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