Prof. Castrillon's keynote at LCTES’22

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On June 14 2022, Prof. Castrillon gave the keynote address at the 23rd ACM SIGPLAN/SIGBED International Conference on Languages, Compilers, and Tools for Embedded Systems (LCTES 2022) during the PLDI week in San Diego, California. In the keynote, Prof. Castrillon talked about “Domain-specific programming methodologies for domain-specific and emerging computing systems”, looking back to work on tensor expression languages that started in collaborations within the cfaed excellence cluster around 2017, reporting on current efforts to generate efficient reconfigurable architectures in the context of the EVEREST project, and with an outlook on compilers for emerging in and near-memory computing systems (upcoming work in the context of the SPP 2377 Disruptive Memory Technologies among other projects at the CC Chair). The talk was well attended (both physically and virtually) and led to interesting exchanges with LCTES and PLDI attendees. Big thanks go to Prof. Tobias Grosser (General Chair) and Prof. Kyoungwoo Lee (Program Chair) for the invitation and for putting together such an interesting program.


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