SPP2237 Workshop on Computation-In/Near-Memory at TU Dresden

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The CC chair hosted the first thematic workshop on computation-in-memory (CIM) and computation-near-memory (CNM) with great enthusiasm as part of the DFG special priority program on disruptive memory technologies (SPP2377). The workshop featured more than 25 experts and researchers from all across Germany, including a keynote speech by Prof. Thomas Mikolajick and participants from TU Dresden, FAU, KIT, TU Dortmund, TU Ilmenau, and the University of Osnabrück.

The CC Chair was represented by Jeronimo Castrillon, Asif Ali Khan, Hamid Farzaneh, and João Paulo Cardoso de Lima. Besides taking care of the organization, the CC team members presented their recent work on compilation for heterogeneous CIM and CNM systems in the context of their HetCIM project. In total, six presentations packed with lively discussions and knowledge-sharing sessions made the event a memorable experience for all participants.

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