The CC Chair at Hipeac 2021

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We welcomed the new year with an additional virtual event, the Hipeac conference, that took place between 18 and 20 of January 2021. Christian and Hasna, two Ph.D. students represented the Chair for compiler construction in two workshops: RAPDIO and PARMA-DITAM respectively. Christian presented his work entitled “Mocasin—Rapid Prototyping of Rapid Prototyping Tools: A Framework for Exploring New Approaches in Mapping Software to Heterogeneous Multi-cores” (Video Presentation). In this work, Christian introduces Mocasin, a new framework that combines know methods for mapping dataflow applications in unified toolbox and provides researchers with a flexible environment for quickly prototyping and evaluating new approaches. Hasna presented her paper entitled “Towards adaptive multi-Alternatives Process Network”. In her presentation, she introduced mAPN (multi-alternative process network), a novel approach for expressing algorithmic and parallelism adaptivtiy through dataflow graphs for larger design spaces.

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