Visiting researcher and invited talk: Joonas Multanen

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We are happy to host Joonas Multanen as visiting PhD researcher for the next four months. Joonas received his in Electrical Engineering from Tampere University of Technology (TUT) in 2015. He is currently a graduate student at the Laboratory of Pervasive Computing in TUT. His research interests include energy efficient computer architectures, emerging memory technologies and computer graphics. Joonas will give a talk on  "Instruction Stream Energy Optimization”, describing his PhD research work. Previously, Joonas has worked to improve the energy-efficiency of instruction streams in processors, with the goal being fixed-function accelerator energy-efficiency, but with the flexibility brought by programmability. The research visit aims to apply emerging memory technologies to processor instruction streams and to develop techniques to improve their performance and energy-efficiency when used as instruction storages.

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