Workshop co-located with the DATE conference: Tools and methods for pressing applications

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The CC Chair, together with Prof. Christian Pilato and Dr. Christoph Hagleitner, organised a workshop at the DATE Conference 2022 entitled "Data-driven applications for industrial and societal challenges: Problems, methods, and computing platforms" (DATA-DREAM'22). The workshop provided an international forum for researchers in the field of large-scale data analysis technologies to discuss challenges and ideas for the future of big data analytics. Participants shared their insights into current political, economic and technological developments, and placed special focus on their approaches to overcoming the hurdles towards wide adoption of reconfigurable computing platforms. This event is an initiative of the EVEREST project, which we hope will trigger collaborations and awareness in the community.

TUD program coordinator Prof. Jeronimo Castrillón sees the program as a great opportunity for the graduates: "As a young member of the Software Campus, it was very exciting to experience how excellent scientists develop when confronted with business-relevant problems and skills. In order to make this possible, employees at each institution work organizing in the background. For this, we at TU Dresden would like to thank especially Martina Gersonde.

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