Teaching and Research at ENSI, Tunisia

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The chair for compiler construction, together with Prof. Chadlia Jerad from the University of Manouba (Tunis), organized a lecture series and a workshop on "Embedded programming in practice: teaching and research", held at the National School of Computer science (ENSI). The event took place during the week of the 1st of December 2019. Prof. Castrillon, assisted by his Ph.D. Students Andres Goens and Hasna Bouraoui, gave an intensive course for Tunisian students, where he presented fundamentals of parallelism, polyhedral compilers, and data-flow based programming models. Besides, he gave a research talk entitled "Embedded manycore programming: From auto-parallelization to domain-specific languages" during the workshop session. The research talk ended with a round table discussion about Research landscape and opportunities for technology while debating two viewpoints from two different countries: Germany and Tunisia.  The event was sponsored by the  Daad Project Transformation line 2, under a collaboration between TU Dresden and the University of Manouba, Tunis. 

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