cfaed Distinguished Lecture Series

Nobel Prize Laureate Professor Albert Fert , Université Paris-Sud, France

Spintronics: Electrons, Spins, Computers and Telephones

25.10.2011 (Tuesday) , 17:30 - 18:30
Festsaal Dülferstraße , Mommsenstr. 13 , 01069 Dresden

Spintronics investigates the influence of the spin orientation of electrons on electronic charge transport and utilizes the resulting effects systematically. The most prominent of these effects is giant magnetoresistance in magnetic multi-layer systems, which sets the basis for novel read heads resulting in a massive increase in memory capacity of common hard discs. Beyond this, modern spintronics deals with a large variety of promising effects - not based on common electronics circuitry - that give rise to more efficient solutions for information processing technology.

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