cfaed Seminar Series

Guy Levy , ETH Zurich

Agile Software Development & Engineering practices in the industry

15.04.2016 (Friday) , 14:00
MPI-CBG, Seminar Room 3rd Floor , Pfotenhauerstr. 108 , 01307 Dresden

15 years ago, at a ski resort in Utah, a group of 17 people met to discuss the need for an alternative to the classic, documentation driven & heavyweight software development processes. It’s been said that at no other point in history did a larger group of iconoclasts and organizational anarchists gathered to collaborate (well, it’s probably an exaggeration but it provides the needed dramatics). Among the participants, were Kent Beck (Extreme Programming), Martin Fawler, Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber, from Scrum.

While the participants didn't agree about much, they found consensus around 4 main values and signed the symbolic (now iconic), “Manifesto for Agile Software development” (
•    Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
•    Working software over comprehensive documentation
•    Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
•    Responding to change over following a plan
In the talk, I will shortly describe the principles of agile software development and other common engineering practices in the software industry. It will be an open "free style" discussion and audience is welcome to participate.

Everybody is very welcome!

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