cfaed Seminar Series

cfaed Seminar Series

Kensuke Osada , The University of Tokyo, Department of Bioengineering

Control of pDNA packaging by block copolymers toward systemic gene delivery

22.03.2017 (Wednesday) , 13:30
Walther-Hempel-Building, Room HEM 219 (2nd floor) , Mommsenstr. 4 , 01069 Dresden

Block copolymer assembly recieves substantial attention as a platform system to deliver therapeutic agents to the intended cells within the body for achieving targeted therapy. The assemblies formed with plasmid DNA (pDNA), polyplex micelles, are anticipated as gene delivery system, being an alternative to the viral-based one. The issues are how to encapsulate the large molecular weight polyelectrolyte of pDNA with several mega dalton into a sub-100 nm-sized core of polyplex micelle, and how to deliver it to the target cells evading severe biological protection system. This talk will present our approach to develop smart polyplex micelles based on strategic design of block copolymers, with a particular emphasis on controlling pDNA packaging, for achieving therapeutic outcomes in intractable tumors through systemic application.

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