cfaed Seminar Series

cfaed Seminar Series

Edgar Jakumeit , Universität Karlsruhe

Einführung in GrGen

27.10.2017 (Friday) , 14:00
Andreas-Pfitzmann-Bau, Room APB 1004 , Nöthnitzer Str. 46 , 01187 Dresden

GrGen.NET is a programming productivity tool for graph transformation, which eases the modification of graph-based representations, or better: allows you to work on their natural level of abstraction. Graph representations are typically employed in engineering (blueprints, designs), model transformation (models), computer linguistics (syntax graphs, semantic nets), or compiler construction (intermediate representations, program graphs) -- but a graph is maybe the most natural representation of the data of your domain, too? GrGen.NET allows you to work with declarative pattern matching and rewriting, instead of low level pointer structure fiddling and tedious boilerplate code. With GrGen you work on a visualization of your network of objects, instead of chasing objects by following references in the debugger; you see your mesh of objects and code directly against it!


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