cfaed Seminar Series

cfaed Seminar Series

Dr. Julien Claudon , INAC ‐ Institute for Nanosciences and Cryogenics, Grenoble/France

Spontaneous emission control in the solidstate: application to quantum optics

15.03.2016 (Tuesday) , 17:00 - 10:31
Seminar room E05/E06 , Tatzberg 47/49 , 01307 Dresden

In this lecture, we will see that the spontaneous emission of a light emitter can be tailored to large extent by inserting it into a controlled electromagnetic environment. Such ideas were initially proposed and demonstrated thirty years ago in atomic physic. Thanks to the tremendous progress in semiconductor growth and processing, it is now possible to exploit these concepts in the solid-state, opening appealing perspectives for the realization of a novel generation of optoelectronic devices. Indeed, semiconductor quantum dots constitute nearly ideal artificial atoms (at least at cryogenic temperature). Using proper clean room processing, they can be integrated into various photonic structures. We will focus here on optical micro-cavities and some specific high-index waveguides, and show their interest for the realization of ultra-bright sources of quantum light.

Julien Claudon received his master degree in 2002 from the ‘Ecole Normale Supérieure’ de Lyon, and his PhD degree in 2005 from the Joseph Fourier University (Grenoble). Since 2006 he is a staff member of INAC (Grenoble, France) and works in the field of quantum photonics, a very active research area at the cross-road of photonics, solid-state (semiconductor) physics and quantum optics. His interests include device design, the development of state-of-the-art fabrication procedures and physical studies. In particular, JC has pioneered the development of nanowire antennas and realized one of the two brightest single-photon sources to date. In 2014, he was awarded the Bronze Medal of CNRS for these achievements.

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