19 March 2018

banner cfaed symposium

Welcome to the first cfaed symposium "Advancing Electronics".

After its first five years, TU Dresden's Cluster of Excellence cfaed - Center for Advancing Electronics Dresden is proud to present the first symposium on the world-changing subject of "Advancing Electronics".

This symposium will facilitate the scientific dialog with peers, colleagues, and friends about latest results, diverse approaches, and visionary plans for the years ahead in microelectronics research. Presented in multidisciplinary keynote talks, panel discussions, and a poster exhibition, participants can enter a wide and varied debate about advancing electronics beyond Moore. Join the symposium to revitalize your own research approach and to gain new input into your work, speak to potential cooperation partners, and enjoy a stimulating day on the fascinating world of microelectronics.

The cfaed symposium will be held at the International Congress Center in Dresden, Germany on 19 March 2018.

Register now here.

(Participation for cfaed members and matching-funds is free but required. Please sign-up at the above link.)