Dresden Center for Computational Materials Science (DCMS)


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Scope and aims:

Computational Materials Science has gained a lot of attention due to the continuous development of simulation methods on the one hand and the growing demand for materials modeling on the other hand. Current research in this area focuses on the investigation of materials design for photovoltaic, thermoelectric or catalytic applications, on thermodynamic or mechanical properties of compound materials or alloys, on topological isolators or on the development on materials for energy conversion and storage.

Dresden is a leading center of materials research in Europa and worldwide. To foster the activities in the field of computational materials science, the DCMS has been founded and will be supporterd within the "Support the best" programme which is a vital activity in the framework of the Institutional Strategy of TU Dresden in the Federal Excellence Inititative.

The main aims of the Center are:

  1. To strengthen the field of computational materials science in Dresden by establishing a flexible and active center of competence
  2. To force interdisciplinary research by bundling the competences from different faculties and schools
  3. To attract third-party grants by promoting joint initiatives and activities
  4. To extend cooperations with local, national and international research partners and companies


Gianaurelio Cuniberti Wolfgang Nagel Gotthard Seifert

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