BMWi-Project "ATEC" - New methods of advanced thermal barrier and environmental barrier coating deposition and characterization


DCN starts BMWi project 

The project is focused on the efficient deposition of an EBC/TBC system on ceramics for high-temperature applications. The coating system should protect the substrate from oxidation and corrosion in combustion atmospheres at surface temperatures of about 1400°C. In addition it has to provide strong bonding to the substrate materials and low thermal conductivity in the range of 1 to 3.0 Wm-1K-1. Advanced methods of ceramic coating deposition will be used: EB-PVD, PS-PVD and SPS (electron beam physical vapor deposition, plasma spray physical vapor deposition, solution precursor plasma spraying). Since cost reduction for TBC/EBC deposition is an important request, solution precursor plasma spraying will be used as an alternative process for EB-PVD and PS-PVD. The microstructure and the behavior in hot gas environment will be characterized and optimized with respect to deposition parameters. Furthermore, ceramic ingots as precursor material for the respective deposition technologies will be investigated.

Ceramics are the next generation materials in power stations and gas turbines for transportation and power generation. Monolithic silicon nitride is suitable for small parts with high mechanical stress (e.g. first stage turbine airfoils for aviation; injectors; …). For large components (e.g. combustion chambers; heat pipes; burner nozzles;…) ceramic matrix composites are more applicable. In either case protective coatings are required to guarantee the required life time in service. The application of the respective components should be scalable and economic with respect to the benefits obtained from higher operating temperatures, e.g. in internal combustion engines or gas turbines.


Funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi)
Funding period: 01.01.2016-30.06.2018
Funding volume: 0,25 Mio. €
Project manager: Prof. Ehrenfried Zschech

PostDoc: Dr. Markus Löffler
Technician: Adrian Hoffmann
PhD student: Emre Topal
PhD student: Maria Aranzazu Garitagoitia Cid

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