Archive: cfaed Seminar Series

Prof. Giuseppe Iannaccone

University of Pisa, Italy

Electronics based on heterostructures of 2D materials

Prof. Dr. Friedmann Schuricht

Professur für Nichtlineare Analysis

Mathematik und Musik

Prof. Dr. Thorsten Strufe

TU Dresden, Fakultät Informatik, Institut für Systemarchitektur


Prof. James R. Cordy

School of Computing, Queen's University at Kingston, Canada

A Program Understanding Theory of Software Complexity

Marco Zimmerling

TU Dresden

The Wireless Bus Networking Architecture for Cyber-Physical Systems

Prof. Itamar Willner

Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

Stimuli-Responsive DNA-Based Hydrogels and Micro/Nano-Carriers: Synthesis and Applications

Jan Rabaey (Donald O. Pederson Distinguished Professor)

UC Berkeley

The Human Intranet – Where Swarms and Humans Meet

Dr. Clotilde Cucinotta

Trinity College, Dublin

Toward a parameter free modelling of electrochemical processes

Dr. Thomas Dienel

EMPA, Swiss Federal Laboratories for Material Science and Technology, Switzerland

On-surface synthesis and characterization of carbon nanostructures