DCN Seminar

cfaed Seminar Series

Dr. Markus Löffler and others , Dresden Center for Nanoanalysis (DCN)

Joint Workshop on XCT

16.04.2019 (Tuesday) , 09:30
TU Dresden, Barkhausen-Bau, Raum BAR E64A , Helmholtzstraße 18 , 01069 Dresden

TU Dresden / TU Freiberg / Helmholtz Institute Freiberg

Applications, Limitations and Properties of μXCTFrom Geology, Medical Sciences to Materials research and Semiconductor products -the applications of X-ray Computed Tomography (XCT) are nearly endless. With the advantage to look into the objects and deliver true 3D images nondestructively, it enables investigations that are not possible by any other means. Combining with in-situ experimentation allows to follow process dynamics or test material responses to external stimuli such as heat or mechanical loads. Finally, the 3D data can be used for various purposes,from checking critical dimensions to building accurate virtual twins for modelling and simulation tools.

Following a similar meeting in Freiberg, the aim of this workshop is to help foster scientific collaboration and generate synergies in the field of XCT in general and in-situ techniques in particular. After a general introduction to XCT, the corresponding institutes will present the peculiarities of their instrumentation and give an overview of their applications of this technique. There will be room for discussion and a visit to the DCN labs.

Invited by Dr. Markus Löffler

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