PowerDynamics.jl 2.0 - an Open-Source Software for Transient Stability Analysis

The team of elena international in cooperation with PIK's power grid group released PowerDynamics.jl 2.0 about one month ago. This new release shall simplify the usage and extension of this Julia software framework for dynamic power system modeling and transient stability studies to the research and Open-Source community. It contains a library for the basic dynamic node types such as synchronous machines, inverters and loads as well as a library for lines to cover models of static and dynamic lines together with transformers. In the following, we want to invite the research community to make contributions to these libraries and present future plans for PowerDynamics that we would like to discuss with you. For example, we plan to validate PowerDynamics with measurements from a microgrid testlab.
Finally, I will also present some potential use cases and research questions to tackle with PowerDynamics.