Hasna Bouraoui




Visitor's Address


+49 (0)351 463 43710

+49 (0)351 463 39995

Helmholtzstrasse 18,3rd floor, BAR III71

01069 Dresden


Curriculum Vitae

Hasna Bouraoui received her main engineering diploma in Computer Science from the National School of Computer Science (ENSI) Tunisia in September 2013. Her major specialisation is embedded systems. In May 2016, she was invited as a guest for a research internship in TU Dresden and joined the chair for Compiler Construction. In March 2017 she joined the chair as a PhD student and work in the context of deploying speaker recognition applications on heterogeneous multi-core embedded platforms. She aims at modelling such applications with abstract Models of Computation (MoC), e.g., Kahn Process Networks (KPNs), to help map them onto heterogeneous targets in an efficient way, where performance constraints (execution time, memory usage, energy consumption, etc.) can be met.