Julian Robledo Mejia

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Chair for Compiler Construction
Helmholtzstrasse 18
3rd floor, Room BAR III58
01069 Dresden

Curriculum Vitae

Julian Robledo Mejia received his Bachelor degree in Electronic Engineering (2015) from University of Antioquia (UdeA) in Medellín Colombia and his Master’s degree in Embedded Systems from the Polytechnic University of Turin in 2017 in Italy, his graduate thesis was about developing a fault injection environment for a real-time operating system. After finishing his master’s program, Julian worked in the automotive sector developing embedded software for major carmakers. In January 2020, Julian joined the Chair for Compiler Construction as research assistant.


  • 2021

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  • Christian Menard, Andrés Goens, Gerald Hempel, Robert Khasanov, Julian Robledo, Felix Teweleitt, Jeronimo Castrillon, "Mocasin—Rapid Prototyping of Rapid Prototyping Tools: A Framework for Exploring New Approaches in Mapping Software to Heterogeneous Multi-cores", Proceedings of the 2021 Drone Systems Engineering and Rapid Simulation and Performance Evaluation: Methods and Tools, co-located with 16th International Conference on High-Performance and Embedded Architectures and Compilers (HiPEAC), Association for Computing Machinery, pp. 66–73, New York, NY, USA, Jan 2021. (Video Presentation) [doi] [Bibtex & Downloads]