From Science To Art!

Thanks a lot again for your wonderful, stunning entries – you made us very happy.
Every single picture was great!
We had the difficult task of choosing the winners – and now we can finally announce the winners (in alphabetic order):

Anna Eichler-Volf
Markus Löffler
Darius Pohl
Felix Talnack


Friedrich Dürrenmatt, famous Swiss author and dramatist once said: "In science, there is the unity, in art the diversity of the mystery we call the world."

And that is indeed true. Science and art seem to be two highly complex, but fascinating counterparts. This contrast creates unimagined new perspectives on both scientific as well as artistic content.That is why we introduced the Scientific Image Contest that became a very successful and enlightening tradition in the past years.

This year again, we were looking for your inspiring images: the most beautiful scientific illustration, SEM-Image, photo or graphic – you've been creative and illustrated your work in your way.

The deadline for this year's Scientific Image Contest was 17-04-2020

The prizes for the best 3 submissions are: a large-size printed version on aluminum of your picture!

A selection of the images will be published in PR-materials and on our social media channels. In addition, there is also the chance that the most beautiful images will be displayed in the cfaed building (BAR).



A small selection of pictures from the 2018 volume:

Pictures by: 1 - Arora Himani, 2 - Jana Tittmann-Otto, 3 - Martin Hartmann, 4 - Arora Himani, 5 - Arora Himani, 6 - Yannic Brasse