Call for Open Topic Postdoc Positions - Apply Now

cfaed is still committed to fundamental research for future electronics and electronic technologies. With these new positions, cfaed seeks to promote collaborations and research projects that:
• translate cfaed EXC results to application-oriented research or
• seed results and insights with the potential for further collaborative research or
• have the potential to lay foundations for a new EXC application and
• bring new collaborators together.


Topic Requirements:
• in line with cfaed‘smission
• at least 2 cfaed (associated) investigators
• convincing potential for third-party funding proposals within 2 years

• new collaboration
• cross-layer/multidisciplinary
• availability/integration of matching funds
• investigators’ engagement in cfaed


Candidate Requirements and Position
• doctoral thesis less than 3 years ago
• proven research excellence
• full-time position
• fixed-term (two years) contracts
• TV-L E13
• evaluation after one year


Closing date: 14 February 2020
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