Best Oral Presentation Award: Doctoral Student from Organic Devices Chair Successful at Conference

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The 16th European Conference on Organized Films was held in July 2019 at Université Paris Descartes. Three doctoral students from our cfaed's Chair for Organic Devices (Prof. Stefan Mannsfeld), Katherina Haase, Cecilia Teixeira da Rocha, and Jakob Zessin joined the conference. And that's not all - Cecilia also gave a talk on the topic of "Coating of smooth ultrathin films for Organic field-effect Transistors". The talk was honored with the "Best Oral Presentation Award" for PhD student talks! Congratulations, Cecilia!

The meetings at the conference were very fruitful in terms of collaborations for the Chair's work. Several attendees were very interested in their work with vibration and solution shearing for ultra-thin and uniform film fabrication. Possible future collaborations were discussed.

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