cfaed Paper Accepted at INFOCOM 2016

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Another great success for cfaed: Three of our scientists had their paper on efficient and anonymous communication in Darknets accepted at INFOCOM, which, according to Microsoft Academic Research, is the top conference in the entire field of computer science. The paper titled “Anonymous Addresses for Efficient and Resilient Routing in F2F Overlays” was written by Stefanie Roos, Martin Beck, and Thorsten Strufe.

Friend-to-Friend (F2F) networks, which sometimes are also called darknets or social overlays, support censorship resistant communication. Devices in F2F networks only establish connections, if their respective owners share a mutual trust relationship in the physical world, to avoid attacks that discover participation by crawling the network. They hence offer a certain degree of privacy and prevent surveillance by design. F2F networking currently is integrated in several large-scale networks, including the OneSwarm client of BitTorrent and Freenet. Existing concepts for F2F networking are inherently unable to achieve both privacy and performance, and the cfaed scientists hence design a novel approach for F2F overlays. Their formal analysis shows that their design achieves higher privacy, and performs much better than all previous approaches. In particular, it decreases the communication delay and overheads by at least a factor 4.

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