Congratulations: Charlotte Lotze wins Science Slam at the Long Night of Science!

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portrait photo of Charlotte Lotze after winning the TUD Science Slam. She presents her award.
Charlotte Lotze (left) with the award. TUD Fellow Solmar-Varela-Salazar (right). Photo: Franziska Schneider, TU Dresden

Last Friday, the extremely popular Long Night of Science (Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften) finally took place again in Dresden, when countless research institutions open their laboratories and let the young and old participate in the diversity of their research topics. The central closing event of the #LNdWDD (with 32.000 visitors!) was a big Science Slam in the almost full Audimax of the TU Dresden. The 6 participants, 5 of them scientists on early career stages and one professor, who did not take part in the competition, are doing research in different fields such as chemistry, biology, physics or traffic science.

The participant from cfaed, Charlotte Lotze (Chair of Network Dynamics), bridges the last two topics: Based on physics, Charlotte is investigating a traffic-related topic in her PhD thesis.

"We use our cars insanely inefficiently and need to rethink mobility. Shared mobility is flexible and sustainable. If we're willing to walk a bit, we can even make it fast together!" says Charlotte about the concept of dynamic stop pooling in ridesharing. In her 10-minute presentation, she presented her findings - and apparently won the audience's hearts! Based on the applause intensity, she was chosen as the winner in the end. We congratulate her!

Watch the slam in full length (YouTube).


  • Dr. Alejandra Cristina Lopez Delgado - Postdoc (CRTD)
  • Charlotte Lotze - PhD student/Promovendin Physics (cfaed)
  • Janine Richter - PhD student/Promovendin (Chemistry TUD)
  • Dr. Solmar Varela Salazar - TUD Dresden Fellow
  • Ran Yin - PhD Student/Promovend (CeTI)
  • Outside of the competition: Prof. Dr. rer. pol., Dipl.-Verk.wirtsch. Angela Francke - University of Kassel (formerly TUD)

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