New COVID-19 study from cfaed group: rapid and especially severe countermeasures are required in developing countries

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cfaed's Chair for Network Dynamics (Prof. M. Timme), in cooperation with several scientific groups in Göttingen and Cape Town/South Africa, investigated the conditions of the spread of COVID-19 cases in countries of the Gobal South. Their scenario analysis for a region in South Africa combines statistical socio-economic and travel survey data from more than 100,000 individuals, based on employment status, household size, age group and income level together with a detailed 24-hour travel diary component and integrates them into an agent-based traffic simulation of the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak in the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality. The findings suggest that countermeasures are required to be especially rapid and severe to keep the number of critical patients below the capacity set by locally available intensive care units (ICUs). For more information click here.

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