Cyclo-carbonates and Soccer in Brazil: INSPIRE GRANT Report by Florian Günther

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Brazil, commonly known for its enthusiasm for soccer and other sports and amazing dances as samba, is a country where also great research can been done. Supported by the cfaed INSPIRE Grant I was allowed to start a collaboration to Prof. Ubirajara Pereira Rodrigues Filho from Instituto de Química de São Carlos (IQSC), University of São Paulo. During the Period from 12.10. till 15.11. I visited him and his group to study reactivity of cyclo-carbonates and Diamines.
This research exchange offered me the opportunity to learn new approaches, to meet and work together with young researchers from another continent, but also to know a very fascinating country which consists of very nice, helpful and open people. And thus, the journey also gave me the chance to get contact with the commonly known topics of brazil: soccer and other sports and Brazilian dances.

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