DCN Wins Axon Synchronization Tool!

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Great joy at the Dresden Center for Nanoanalysis (DCN): In a competition run by Protochips, Inc. (U.S.), the analytics user facility of the TU Dresden had submitted an application - and was successful! Besides the international recognition and reputation that go along with the prize, the DCN will be awarded a state-of-the-art and world-wide unrivalled Axon synchronization tool. The Axon system will perfectly complement and further enhance the center's capabilities of in-situ electron microscopy, a field in which the DCN is already now excellently positioned. The hardware and software components will soon be delivered and installed on the DCN’s high-resolution transmission electron microscope JEOL F200.

While electron microscopy usually demands ultimate stability of the sample under investigation, this novel synchronization tool will allow to observe even dynamic and kinetic processes such as structural or chemical changes in a material, e.g., during heating or in a gas atmosphere with up to atomic resolution.

As a technology platform of cfaed, the DCN provides both equipment and know-how for nanoanalytical materials characterization to the entire user community of the TU Dresden and its partner institutions within the DRESDENconcept science alliance. In a sustainable concept, the central access to high-end equipment, especially in the field of electron, ion and X-ray microscopy, and the provision of a state-of-the-art infrastructure that includes magnetically shielded, highly specialized low-noise laboratories, synergies will be generated and cooperation is stimulated across any scientific boundaries.

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