Dipjyoti Deb: My story of Inspire Grant 2015

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To be “OR” “NOT” to be? You all may have heard this sentence quite often but for scientists “OR” and “NOT” are two very important logic functions which originates from Boolean algebra. George Boole the father of Boolean algebra was appointed in 1849 as the first professor of mathematics at Queen's College, Cork (now University College Cork) in Ireland. With my Inspire Grant 2015 I went to Cork at Tyndall National Institute and UCC to push the limit of logic functionalities in a silicon nanowire.

cleanroom cork
At nanofabrication facility Tyndall National Institute with my colleagues

indian dinner
An Indian dinner I cooked for my colleagues from Tyndall

Tyndall National Institute is well known for their expertise in silicon nanowire electronics and I came up with a collaboration plan to visit Tyndall to accelerate the top-down nanowire fabrication plan embedded with in Silicon nanowire path. It was a successful visit as I achieved to make sub 20 nm silicon nanowires with industry combatable process. Special thanks to cfaed career development team and IHRS NanoNet for funding my trip.

Author: cfaed PhD candidate Dipjyoti Deb

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