DRESDEN-concept Science and Innovation Campus continues to grow: Alliance gains three new members

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picture shows detail of the NaMLab laboratory building
NaMLab gGmbH building

We are happy to announce that two of our cooperating institutions have become members of the DRESDEN-concept research alliance: The NaMLab gGmbH and the Kurt-Schwabe-Institut für Mess- und Sensortechnik Meinsberg e.V. (Kurt Schwabe Institute for Measurement and Sensor Technology Meinsberg - KSI Meinsberg) joined the alliance in the last quarter of 2022.

The DRESDEN-concept research alliance has taken on three new members in one go. In addition to NaMLab and KSI Meinsberg, also the Institute for Saxon History and Folklore (ISGV) became a new member. The alliance now boasts 36 partner institutions, which are working together to develop the research hub in Dresden into a DRESDEN-concept Science and Innovation Campus.

Since the establishment of the DRESDEN-concept alliance in 2010, the research alliance of TU Dresden with local, extramural research and cultural institutions has grown immensely. The number of DRESDEN-concept partners has steadily increased over the past few years from 15 to 36. The partners are united by the goal of promoting Dresden as a research hub while creating and utilizing synergies in research, teaching, infrastructure and administration. Through their close cooperation, they are well on their way to developing Dresden as a research location into an internationally visible DRESDEN-concept Science and Innovation Campus.

NaMLab combines expertise from both academic and industrial research. The subsidiary of TU Dresden was ranked amongst the TOP 10 most innovative German institutions in terms of its patent portfolio in 2022. Based on its core competence in dielectric materials for microelectronics applications, NaMLab focuses on contributing its expertise in the areas of future reconfigurable and energy-efficient semiconductor devices. Our cluster speaker Prof. Thomas Mikolajick heads the NaMLab as Scientific Director.

With the addition of the Kurt Schwabe Institute for Measurement and Sensor Technology Meinsberg (KSI Meinsberg), DRESDEN-concept is welcoming a new partner whose headquarters are outside Dresden. This is made possible due to the particularly close relations between DRESDEN-concept institutions, including the joint appointments of the director as well as the doctoral students, almost all of whom are doing their PhD at TU Dresden. Moreover, KSI Meinsberg is involved in the Research Training Group “Supracolloidal Structures: from materials to optical and electronic devices“ (RTG 2767) of TU Dresden. As a non-profit state institute, KSI Meinsberg is responsible for conducting fundamental and application-oriented research in the fields of physical chemistry and electrochemistry, sensor technology and the associated development of novel sensor materials, scientific instrumentation, as well as for training early-career researchers in the aforementioned fields. The director of KSI Prof. Michael Mertig is Associated Member of the cfaed cluster.

About DRESDEN-concept
DRESDEN-concept is the research alliance of TU Dresden and local extramural research and cultural institutions. A total of 36 partner institutions have joined forces in the association to bundle synergies and develop the science hub Dresden into a DRESDEN-concept Science and Innovation Campus.

The acronym DRESDEN stands for Dresden Research and Education Synergies for the Development of Excellence and Novelty and emphasizes the focus of the collaboration: by networking across the boundaries of institutions and subjects, DRESDEN-concept offers researchers an ideal place for science and innovation.

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