EDA Medal 2019 Awarded to Professor Heinrich Meyr

Congratulations: cfaed Scientific Advisory Board member Heinrich Meyr honored with EDA medal 2019

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At the annual edaWorkshop in Dresden from 14-16 May, Heinrich Meyr was awarded the 2019 EDA medal in honour of his achievements in research, development, promotion and application in the field of Electronic Design Automation (EDA). The edacentrum honors Prof. Meyr's outstanding commitment to the promotion of EDA during his more than 40 years' experience of work in industry, research and education.

After receiving his PhD from ETH Zurich, Prof. Meyr worked in the research laboratory of Hasler AG (now Ascom) before being appointed as Chair of Electrical Control Engineering at RWTH Aachen University in 1977. Early on, he recognized the opportunities offered by integrated circuits for digital signal processing and developed ASICs for digital receivers as early as the 1980s. Based on these experiences, he implemented an interdisciplinary research approach, which - based on the application - focuses on chip development as well as design automation. This approach was underlined by the renaming of the Chair to "Integrated Systems of Signal Processing (ISS)". Due to the special combination of his professional, organizational and management competence and with great foresight, Heinrich Meyr dedicated himself to numerous future projects, developed and accompanied funding and industrial projects, cultivated excellent international contacts to companies and thus became an indispensable member of the international research community.

The large number of publications of his scientific work also led to the founding of numerous successful spin-offs. It started back in 1989 with CADIS GmbH, later acquired by Synopsys Inc., and continued into the 1990s with spin-offs such as AXYS (now ARM) or LISATek (now Synopsys).

The EDA Medal 2019 is thus awarded to a personality who has significantly advanced the further development and dissemination of EDA in Germany and worldwide.

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Professor Heinrich Meyr has supported cfaed from the first idea up to today in various roles. Initially as an advisor to the team writing the funding proposal back in 2011, his expertise was of such importance to the Cluster that he became the leading member of the Scientific Advisory Board in 2012. Up until now he has helped to shape cfaed with critical advice, support, and guidance.
In his role as cfaed Grand Professor he is a respected mentor for cfaed's young scientists. More info

About edacentrum e.V.: The edacentrum is the network for electronics, design and applications in business and science. As an independent authority, the edacentrum designs research and development for a consistent design methodology along the entire value chain. In this role, the edacentrum is a recognized innovation accelerator for the microelectronics industry and its user industries. More info

The edaWorkshop is an annual event for the EDA community to discuss electronics design and applications, co-located with the Application Design Technology Conference (ADTC). Every two years it is held in Dresden - this time, the Dorint Hotel hosted the events from 14-16 Mary 2019, which was attended by nearly 100 participants. More info

The EDA medal is awarded annually since 2002 to candidates recommended by the edacentrum management board. More info


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