Fast nano devices - Impact of the architecture of high-frequency transistors

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The cfaed Carbon Nano Devices group around Dr. Sascha Hermann (TU Chemnitz, Fraunhofer ENAS) found out that field effect transistors based on carbon nanotubes (CNT) experience a significant performance increase in special device structures.
These developments confirm the great potential of this new technology for future radio frequency (RF) transceiver electronics.


While most studies so far have concentrated on symmetrical top-gate transistors, Hermann's team reports on asymmetrical bottom-gate transistors. These developments were made possible by the 200 mm nanotechnology platform for advanced nanomaterial integration in Chemnitz and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (AG Prof. Michael Schröter) at the TU Dresden. The analyses showed that an increase in transistor speed of up to 18 % can be achieved and that amplifier linearity is promoted. In this study transit frequencies of up to 14 GHz were achieved. Since this technology also allows alternative device concepts, these properties are already interesting for a wide range of applications in advanced electronics.

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