Fifth German Prize for IT-Security 2014 - cfaed Investigator Receives Prize for Security of Mobile End Devices

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A team including cfaed investigator Prof. Hermann Härtig came in third at this year’s IT-Security prize awarded by the Horst Görtz Foundation. Every other year, a jury of IT-experts awards the prize for innovations in the areas of IT-security, cryptography, system and network security as well as defense of cyber attacks.

In this year, 66 teams had submitted applications of which elven were shortlisted. Four teams share the prize money of a total of EUR 200,000. The first prize of EUR 100,000 was presented to ‘Blurry-Box-cryptography: Kerckhoffs’ principle for software protection’. The second (EUR 60,000) was awarded to ‘SPLlift: high efficient parallel code analysis for millions of software configurations’. The third prize was shared by the teams of ‘Microkernel for security of mobile devices’ and ‘SRT App Guard – authorization management for Android’.

Other members of the microkernel team include Adam Lackorzynski (TUD spinoff Kernkonzept GmbH), Matthias Broll and Dr. Aubrey-Derrick Schmidt (both T-Systems International GmbH) as well as Dr. Christoph Peylo (Trust2Core GmbH). By adapting the L4Re microkernel for mobile platforms, two operating systems can run at the same time which enables an open user space compartment to send e.g. private mails and a secure business area where communication is only possible via a VPN tunnel. This significantly raises the threshold for an external attack and the user can securely operate a mobile device for professional and for private purposes. This method can also be transferred to other IT systems such as tablets, servers and automation systems and may play an important role to secure ‘Industry 4.0’.
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