cfaed Cooperating Institute Fraunhofer ENAS Exhibits at the 12th China Chongqing Hi-Tech Fair

cfaed Principal Investigator Prof. Dr. Thomas Gessner is Head of the German Delegation

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The 12th China Chongqing Hi-Tech Fair opens its doors on April 21. A German delegation (one of 14 international delegations) will attend the exhibition in the megacity. The research institutes and companies of the German delegation are from Saxony predominantly. In China, they exhibit high-tech solutions e.g. smart systems for condition monitoring of industrial equipment, environmental monitoring as well as automation technologies. The head of the German delegation is cfaed's Principal Investigator Prof. Dr. Thomas Gessner, director of the Fraunhofer ENAS in Chemnitz and the Center for Microtechnologies at TU Chemnitz.

During the China Chongqing Hi-Tech Fair, Prof. Geßner will meet the deputy mayor and representatives of the city of Chongqing as well as the director of the Chongqing Science & Technology Commission for bilateral discussions.
Fraunhofer ENAS shows a portable grating spectrometer based on a vibrating MEMS component. The institute has developed the spectrometer together with TQ Systems GmbH Chemnitz and the Center for Microtechnologies. This small near infrared spectrometer can measure the transmission as well as the absorption spectrum of liquids in 4 milliseconds. Analysis of liquids such as wastewater can be done based on these spectra.

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