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ChemComm Cover cutout - Copyright Justus Krueger cfaed

As part of an international team, cfaed scientists around Francesca Moresco and Justus Krüger from the Organic/ Polymer Research Path (Chair of Materials Science and Nanotechnology, Prof. G. Cuniberti) have used scanning tunneling microscopy to put hexacene molecules on the map. Their publication “Imaging the electronic structure of on-surface generated hexacene” has been featured on the front cover of the most recent Chemical Communication issue.

This distinction highlights the single-molecule investigations on hexacene- an elusive molecule with six linearly fused benzene rings and important implications for molecular and organic electronics. A novel route for its on-surface fabrication has been developed together with scientists from Spain and France and allows a detailed characterization with sub-molecular resolution for the very first time.

Krüger, J.; Eisenhut, F.; Alonso, J. M.; Lehmann, T.; Guitián, E.; Pérez, D.; Skidin, D.; Gamaleja, F.; Ryndyk, D. A.; Joachim, C.; Peña, D.; Moresco, F.; Cuniberti, G. Imaging the electronic structure of on-surface generated hexacene. Chemical Communications 2017, 53, 1583-1586.

Cover of ChemComm:

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