INSPIRE Grant Report by PhD Student Fatih Nadi Gür - King's College London

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Thanks to cfaed inspire grant, I had an opportunity to work with Anatoly Zayats who is leading one of the strong plasmonics and nano-optic groups in Europe. I work on DNA templated self-assembled plasmonic waveguides which is one of the core projects in BAC path. During my research stay, I got the chance to learn more about nanophotonics, plasmonics and near-field optical techniques. It was truly a great experience and scientifically a productive stay at King’s College London.

Besides the scientific work, London is an amazing city which has small pockets of all nations and all the London boroughs have their own identity. It gave me a feeling that I was living in a small, colourful, and international world. I am pleased for the support and funding by the cfaed.

About Fatih Nadi Gür:

Fatih Nadi Gür, cfaed PhD student at the DNA Chemistry Group in the Biomolecular-Assembled Circuits (BAC) path, was awarded the cfaed inspire grant to do two months research at King’s College London, department of Physics under the supervision of Prof. Anatoly Zayats, research group of Experimental Biophysics & Nanotechnology.

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