INSPIRE Grant Report by PhD Student Marcus Richter - Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing, China

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PhD student Marcus Richter received the cfaed INSPIRE Grant and was one of the exchange students of the great!ipid4all program in 2017. These grants offered the opportunity to visit the research groups of Prof. Carlos-Andres Palma, Prof. Shixuan Du and Prof. Hong-Jun Gao at the Institute of Physics (IoP) at Chinese Academy of Science (CAS) in Beijing, China, for two months. These groups have a large experience in surface chemistry and are experts in their research fields.

During his stay, Marcus and his new colleagues at CAS tested precursors, which were created at the cfaed, for the surface synthesis of novel nanographenes under ultra-high-vacuum conditions, which could be promising materials for nanoelectronics.

One of the highlights of this visit was the participation at the ChinaNano conference 2017, which is one of the biggest conferences in nanosciences and nanotechnology in Asia. Here, Marcus won the ACS Nano price for the best poster.

Beside the research, Marcus discovered Beijing and visited amazing places such as the great wall, forbidden city or the temple of heaven.

Marcus Richter studied Chemistry at Dresden University of Technology. In 2014, he joined the chair of Molecular Functional Materials of Prof. Xinliang Feng as a PhD-student and the organic/polymer path at the cfaed.


cfaed PhD student Marcus Richter, Prof. Carlos-Andres Palma and research group of Prof. Palma.

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