INSPIRE Grant Report by PhD Student Richard Weichelt - Hebrew University of Jerusalem

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Millions of people come to Jerusalem to visit the holy places that are most important to them and their religion every year. But besides the unique spirit of this city, one can also do great research at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. My work in cfaed's BAC path is primarily concerned with the synthesis of nanomaterials and their DNA functionalization for the subsequent assembly on DNA origami structures. Professor Uri Banin and his group are experts in the field of Nanotechnology and I was invited to spend the summer there.

These three months were a remarkable time and not only did I learn a lot of new things about chemistry and nanotechnology, but I also met people from all over the world and gained new friendships. Of course I was one of many millions who as well explored the old city of Jerusalem, the Mahane Yehuda market and I also visited other cities in Israel like Tel Aviv, Nazareth and Haifa. Taken all together, it was an amazing experience and I appreciate the support by the cfaed Inspire Grant. I´d also like to thank Prof. Banin, Prof. Eychmüller and Susann Störmer for their great help.

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